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Idle-based games (or just idle games) are games in which you perform a small action, such as clicking on items to make money. After that, you can start buying items or characters that will help you gain rewards faster. After a while, you can leave the game to run ‘idle’ as it collects currency automatically. Check in every now and then to purchase new items and upgrades to make your earnings skyrocket!

Idle-based adventures

These casual video games are sometimes also called incremental games because you keep adding to your earnings. With every incremental increase, you gain more and more. Start by clicking on items to collect some coins and buy new buildings, factories, restaurants, heroes, and even planets. You can collect revenue from your farm plots, the houses you let, or by sending miners out to dig up ores for you. The more you own, the more you earn!

Make the game go idle

Get past the ‘grinding’ phase in which you have to manually click to earn and search your menu for the upgrades and items you need to automate coin collection. This will usually be time-based. You start with small increments - for instance, one cent per second. If you want to become a billionaire, you’ll have to move a little faster than that though! Reduce the time it takes to collect currency, and increase the amount earned with every increment of time. Use your coins wisely though, since some upgrades are more valuable and efficient than others. Make sure to select only the upgrades that will pay for themselves many times over!

Idle clicking games

Not sure where to start? Hover over each game to view the rating other players have awarded it and find a popular title to play. How about unlocking more and more hotel rooms and upgrading the furniture to earn increasingly outrageous amounts in the game Habbo Clicker? Or why not crown yourself the zombie king and destroy more and more secure hideouts in the game Zombidle? Browse our collection of idle games and clicker games and find a title or theme that appeals to you. How much can you collect?

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