Jiggsaw Puzzle is a puzzle game with 75 different puzzles of animals and plants. Players can choose between 48 and 108 pieces, and complete times challenges, color matching challenges, and more. The player must complete the first ten puzzles to unlock the next stages of the game.

How to play Jiggsaw Puzzle?

The player can choose whether all the jigsaw pieces are presented the right way up, or whether to rotate them by hand. The player can use the sliding bar at the bottom to scroll through the pieces (except for the color matching challenges, where the player must place the pieces in the correct position on the board before receiving new ones). The player can tap or click to pick up a piece and drag it to the board. If rotation is enabled, tapping a piece will rotate it by 90 degrees.

Game developer

Inlogic Software

Release date

April 13, 2021

Score: 3.7 (3 votes)

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Walkthrough Jiggsaw Puzzle
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