Magic Pom is a casual puzzle game. Collect 3 of more Poms, cute little animal faces, by connecting clusters of identical ones. The player can activate the magic combo time to score extra points and unlock new abilities. This game has more than 200 levels to complete.

How to play Magic Pom?

Connect 3 or more Poms by tapping a cluster or the same ones and dragging a finger or the cursor across the other Poms to link them together. These faces will disappear, and more Poms will come tumbling down. The player can connect 5 Poms to create a magic bubble that can pop the ice blocks. In each level, there will be a special objective the player must complete to finish the level. This assignment will be displayed just above the playing field.

Game developer

Hermit Crab Game Studio

Release date

April 19, 2021

Score: 3.7 (6 votes)

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Walkthrough Magic Pom
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