OddBods Looney Ballooney is a puzzle game in which the player can help the red Oddbod, Fuse, escape the canyon using two balloons to float up. The aim is to remove any obstacles, such as wooden beams and creates, and avoid any sharp objects that might pop Fuse’s balloons. For a similar game, check out the Amigo Pancho series.

How to play OddBods Looney Ballooney?

The dry and rocky canyon is full of cacti, and these spiny plants will pop Fuse’s balloons if he gets too close. To complete each level, the player must clear away the crates and beams the right order to drop or block the cactus plants in such a way that Fuse can safely float upward.

Game developer

One Animation

Release date

April 2021

Score: 3.7 (9 votes)

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Walkthrough OddBods Looney Ballooney
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