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Maze Chase games are iconic video games from the 1980s in which you have to move through a maze-like level while gathering pips, fruit, coins, and other items. The maze will often also contain one or more foes you will have to steer clear of as you move through the narrow lanes. Think ahead and take the right turns to keep your pursuer(s) at a distance. If you’re interested in playing some more nostalgic video game classics, don’t forget to check out our overview of classic games here

Pacman games, the maze chase classic

The most famous maze chase game ever is, of course, Pacman. First launched in 1980 by Namco, Pacman was a massive hit throughout the 80s and was often imitated in a variety of bootleg versions. The game also enjoyed some spin-offs and sequels such as the 1982 Ms. Pac-Man. In these games, you have to move your yellow disk-shaped character through a maze and eat all the pellets while being chased by four ghosts. By eating special power pellets, you can temporarily make the ghosts vulnerable: they’ll turn blue and you can eat them. The mazes of this game also often contained one or more warp tunnels and bonus items.

Maze Chase

Despite its fame, Pacman wasn’t actually the first Maze Chase game. It was preceded by Heiankyo Alien, a computer game that was developed and released in 1979 by the University of Tokyo Theoretical Science Group and released as an arcade game a year later. In this game, you had to move through a maze while trapping aliens. Following the success of Pac-Man, many more Maze Chase games were produced throughout the early 1980s, leading to the emergence of Maze Chase as an established gaming subgenre. While Pacman remains the most iconic of these titles, there are many other fun games with similar game mechanics to explore and enjoy.

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