Rummikub is the official online version of the Original Rummikub game. Players can enjoy this game by themselves or play with family and friends. Players must draw tiles and try to make matching sets of identical numbers in different colors, or create numbered sequences in one color. The winner is the first player to get rid of all of their Rummikub-tiles. Players can reshuffle and reuse the tiles that have already been arranged on the table, as long as all melds remain valid. If no tile can be played, players will have to draw a new tile from the bag. Players can create a private room for friends and family, or play against the computer in a series of fun challenges. Players can choose the number of participants and set the maximum duration of each turn.

How to play Rummikub?

This game comes with an easy, optional tutorial to help new players get started.

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Release date

14 December 2020

Score: 3.5 (1637 votes)

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