The Mergest Kingdom is an addicting merge-3 game with a fun story and great graphics. The player can merge items by combining three objects of the same type to create more valuable items. There are hundreds of new items and merge-chains for players to unlock and discover. Farm crops to build an army, build palaces for your heroes, and conquer new territory to discover a cast of amazing fantasy characters.

How to play The Mergest Kingdom?

The player can choose to merge three or five identical items. Merging three items will result in one item of greater value, but merging five will grant the player two items of greater value. It pays to be patient! There are lots of different types of items to unlock. The player can farm foods, build houses, collect coins and rubies, and create an army of soldiers and knights. The player starts with two workers who can complete various tasks around their territory. As the player levels up, they will be able to unlock new pieces of land to add to their territory. New creatures and plants are waiting to be discovered in each new area. The game also has lots of great daily quests and in-game events in which players can compete to win nice rewards.

Game developer

Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.

Release date

May 28, 2021

Score: 3 (10 votes)

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