Dr. Panda Farm is a cute farming game in which the player can help Dr. Panda and his friends harvest and sell all kinds of farm products. Head to the mill to bake bread, or pick fruit in the orchard to make jam. There are also four additional areas the player can build, such as the hen house and the apiary.

How to play Dr. Panda Farm?

The player can help Dr. Panda and his friends create various products to sell in their shop. For each round of sales, the player will earn some nails and screws. The hippo will use these items to construct one of the new areas on the farm map. In each area, the player can carry out a unique set of tasks to create new products, and learn more about where food comes from.

Game developer

Dr Panda LTD

Release date

April 8, 2021

Score: 3.7 (22 votes)

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Walkthrough Dr Panda Farm
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