Shaun the Sheep: Flock Together is a funny puzzle game based on the clay animation series from the Wallace and Gromit franchise. Shaun and his friends live on Mossy Bottom farm in northern England, where they get into all sorts of trouble. This time, the flock has decided to compete in the sheep stacking championships. The objective is to gather as many points as possible.

How to play Shaun the Sheep: Flock Together?

Points are scored by sorting the sheep into groups of three. The player must sort the sheep by the color of the leotards they are wearing. The player can swing the sheep to the left or right to combine three sheep wearing the same color. For each successive combination, the player will receive an increasing amount of points. However, the sheep must stay below the line of bunting. If the sheep are stacked higher than the bunting, the team will be disqualified. When the player makes a combination of three or more sheep they will disappear, leaving more room in the barn for new sheep. In the top right corner, the player can see how many sheep are still to come.

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April 14, 2021

Score: 4 (12 votes)

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