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The Smurfs
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Join the funny blue creatures for a series of fun adventures in our free online The Smurfs games. The Smurfs all live peacefully in their little village full of cute mushroom houses. Even so, the Smurfs have to remain on the lookout for the wizard Gargamel and his cat Azrael, who are always trying to come up with ways to capture the Smurfs. Most Smurfs are 100 years old, and they almost all wear Phrygian caps and white trousers. Each Smurf is named for a specific characteristic, such as Brainy Smurf who is smart and a little pedantic, Lazy Smurf who is always sleeping, and Vanity Smurf who never goes anywhere without his vanity mirror. Have fun exploring the world of The Smurfs in these entertaining Smurf games!


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