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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Cowboys Games! You'll find no less than 8 different Cowboys Games, such as Gun Blood & Gun Blood Remastered

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Roam the Wild West in our offer of fun cowboy games. Tame wild horses, protect your cattle, and shoot your enemies in a series of deadly gun duels. Visit the saloon to play cards and win some gambling matches, but when a drunken brawl breaks out or a gang of bandits rides into town you’ll have to be ready with your revolver. (And just in case anybody tries to cheat, of course...!) Many of our cowboy games feature shooting duels. For our complete overview of shooting games, check out this page!

Cowboys at the rodeo show

A cowboy is someone who herds and protects cattle, but may also have other tasks to see to around the ranch, like repairing fences and taming horses. For modern cowboys and cowgirls, rodeo shows are the place to show off some of the more spectacular skills that are part of life on the ranch, such as bronc riding, steer wrestling, barrel racing, and roping events to demonstrate skills with the lasso.

Cowboys and Western movies

In Hollywood Western movies, however, the figure of the cowboy became highly romanticized, with stories revolving around revenge and retribution in which fiercely independent and chivalrous horse-riding heroes rescue damsels in distress and dispense frontier justice in thrilling gun fight scenes. The ‘duel at high noon’ is a stock trope of the Western movie showdown between the good guy and the villain.

Western genre crossovers

On this page, you’ll find some Western-inspired cowboy games, featuring quick-draw duels and horseback chases. Pull on your blue jeans and spurred boots, saddle up your horse, and don’t forget your Stetson hat. Can you defeat your opponents in the skill game Gun Blood? Travel through old Texas and show off your poker skills in each cowtown saloon in Governor of Poker 2. We also have a number of fun genre crossover games featuring cowboys fighting aliens and zombies, cooking and delivering burgers, and archery rescues. Have fun playing!

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