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Ahoy, Captain! Players looking for adventure can explore the seven seas in our collection of exciting pirate games. We have pirate games with fast ships and huge sea battles, as well as some classic puzzle and bubble shooter games with a pirate theme. Players can travel from island to island searching for hidden treasure in the fun 3D multiplayer game {Grogg.io}(game: 113299). Or they can attack other pirate ships and escape from legendary sea monsters in the multiplayer adventure Pirate Storm.

Pirates and privateers

Pirates are thieves who commit robberies at sea. Sometimes privateers are also referred to pirates, but they’re actually not the same thing. A privateer is someone who is licensed by a government to rob enemy ships during wartime. Although their activities often came down to the same thing, pirates only refers to people who don’t have such a license. In the past - and to this day! – pirates often lurked in the narrow waterways used by trade ships to deliver goods. Because the routes that trade ships can navigate in narrow waters tend to be fairly predictable, pirate ships could use this information to lay in wait and ambush passing ships. Some pirate ships would also disguise themselves as merchant boats to get close to other ships without immediately raising any alarm bells.

Pirate Games: The Pirate Image

Most of the pirate games available on our website (and elsewhere) are not about modern pirates. Pirate stories and games are usually based on a popular (and not entirely realistic) image we have of a very specific period in the history of piracy: the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean, which lasted from the late 17th to the early 18th century. This includes depictions of pirate captains in tricorne hats and long coats made of expensive fabrics, often decorated with golden trims and embroidery. Maybe they have a metal hook to replace a missing hand, like Captain Hook from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. Or a wooden leg, like Long John Silver from Treasure Island. Pirate Captains are often armed with a sword and a flintlock pistol. They might have a cheeky parrot on their shoulder, or a small monkey. The rest of the crew often look a bit more raggedy. They have torn clothing, facial scars and eyepatches from many fights, and missing teeth (probably due to scurvy). Sometimes the rest of the pirate crew is depicted as a little stupid, too. A good example of clumsy pirates are the comically unfortunate Pintel and Ragetti, Captain Barbossa’s henchmen in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pirate Games: Treasure Hunting

In addition to robbing ships, many pirate adventures involve searching for lost treasure that has been buried somewhere after earlier lootings. There’s often a secret treasure map, with a large X marking the spot where the treasure chest full of gold pieces and precious jewels is hidden. Our pirate games are bursting with buried treasures and treasure maps. Our overview of boat games contains even more games with ships and sea battles. Hoist the sails, raise the anchor, and set out in search of fortune!

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