Hit The Glow is a challenging reaction game in which you can only hit the red glowing bars spinning through each level. This rule applies to each game mode you choose to play. In Classic Mode, you have to tap to hit the red bars and peel away the different layers to expose the target at the center. Hit the central target to complete each level. In Eliminate Mode, you have to eliminate all the red bars but avoid touching the green ones. Even the green target is off limits! For each shot at the target in Expand Mode, the current spinning layer will expand outward and an additional layer will appear. The number on the target shows the number of hits it will take to clear the level. Finally, in Origin Mode, the point of origin for your bullets spins around the circular rings of bars and the central target. Watch carefully to bounce the bullet against the bars at just the right moment. Can you pass all the levels and complete each game mode?

Score: 3.1 (46 votes)

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