Skydom is a match-3 game with an appealing design and all kinds of cute animal characters. The objective is to complete a series of missions in each level by matching up three or more identical pieces of candy. The mission might be to collect a special sweet, or to pop the chocolate acorns, or lead a piglet through a field. There are lots of creative game levels to complete. When the player earns stars for completing the levels with a good score, the potion brewer will use them to brew up some useful power boosters.

How to play Skydom?

Players may swap two adjacent pieces of candy, but only if the swap creates a valid combination of three or more sweets of the same kind. Larger combinations and chain reactions will earn the player extra points and bonus items.

Game developer

The Pew Pew

Release date

Wednesday February 26 2020

Score: 3.8 (267 votes)

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