Stack Rider is a 3D obstacle course in which a stickman must scale various obstacles to reach the end of each track. However, the stickman won’t just climb or jump over the walls dotted around the track. Instead, the player must pick up a whole stack of beach balls for the stickman to balance on. Only if the stack is high enough can the stickman hop over the walls.

How to play Stack Rider?

The player can tap to start and swipe using the mouse or a finger to collect as many brightly colored beach balls as possible. Only if the height of the stack exceeds the height of the upcoming wall will the stickman be able to cross over. However, the stickman will lose all beach balls that get stuck behind the wall. There will be multiple walls to scale, so the player’s aim is always to create the tallest stack possible.

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Release date

April 16, 2021

Score: 3.8 (16 votes)

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