Christmas Hurly Burly is a fun Griddler game in which you have to help Santa organize all the Xmas presents. Look carefully at the board. Along the top and side, you'll see one or more numbers listed per row or column. The numbers indicate how many presents each row or column contains. Each number indicates an unbroken row of presents. So "5, 3" means that the row contains a line of five presents, followed by a gap of one or more empty slots, and then a row of three more presents. To figure out where each series of presents goes, you can count the number of cells in each row and refer to the numbers listed above each column. In these Picross puzzles, you never have to rely on guesswork, because careful counting will always tell you the right solution. The nonogram puzzles become more complex and challenging the further you get. Have fun playing!

Score: 3.3 (128 votes)

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