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If you scare easily, then perhaps our collection of scary games is not meant for you. But for those who aren’t too chicken to play, have a browse through our catalogue of the creepiest games full of frights and paranormal occurrences. Frightening images, jump scares, ghost stories – are you brave enough to face them all? We have action or adventure games in which you have to make your way through a haunted house or a spooky old mansion to find the way out, thrilling escape room games, and lots of entertaining horror games! Is it Halloween night already? Whether it’s demonic animatronics, ghost houses, or possessed dolls that scare you most, we’ve got just the game to raise the hairs on the back of your neck!

Scary games full of things that go bump in the night

In our collection of Haunted Houses games, you can explore all kinds of buildings that are inhabited by the spirits of the dead. Or maybe you’d like to scare off some visitors with a proper haunting of your own in games such as Haunt the House, where you have to help the disembodied deceased keep the new residents out.

Scary game characters

If you’re into ghost stories and supernatural mysteries, then how about some monster games with vampires, zombies, werewolves, and witches. In addition to the classic cast of frightening figures from film and fiction, you can also play games starring more recent additions to the genre, such as the creepypasta character Slenderman. In our Slenderman games, you’ll have to escape the clutches of this unnaturally thin and tall spectral figure without a face.

Really scary games: survive the night

The worst monsters come out after midnight. Are you terrified by evil toys and completely freaked out by scary clowns? Then you had best not take that job opening as a night guard at Freddy’s. Monitor the possessed animatronics in our {Five Nights at Freddy’s games}(tag: 1936) to stop them from reaching your office or you won’t survive the night. Battle the undead at night and fortify your hideout at night in our zombie games, or check out one of our many Mysterious Adventure games for lots more eerie stories that will give you the shakes and shivers!

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