Family Barn is a farming game with social media features. Players have inherited a small farm, and can grow and sell crops in order to fund various expansions. Players can create plots of land to grow crops, buy farm animals to care for, and use machines to refine produce into wonderful products to sell at the market. There are daily quests to complete, and lots of fun in-game events to participate in. Players can gift each other useful items to help complete machinery or care for crops and fruit trees. This game features a huge range of crops and animals to unlock, including some special edition items during seasonal and festive events. Family Barn offers hours of fun, and players can share their progress with friends on social media.

How to play Family Barn?

This game offers easy in-game tutorial instructions as you play. Each time a new game element is introduced, one of the characters will appear and explain what the player should do. The instructions are concise, with lots of pictures and animations to help make everything clear.

Game developer

Diandian Interactive

Release date

Sunday July 14 2019

Score: 4.1 (5390 votes)

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Walkthrough Family Barn
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