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Power Rangers
On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Power Rangers Games! You'll find no less than 2 different Power Rangers Games, such as Power Rangers Super Transformation & Power Ranger: Samurai

Save the world in our collection of action-packed Power Rangers games! The Power Rangers franchise is based on the older Super Sentai series that originated in Japan in the mid 1970s, such as Battle Fever J. and J.A.Q.K. Dengekitai. Power Rangers was launched in the 1990s and spawned lots of different themed series and a number of films. In all of these series, a small team of heroes uses hand-held or wrist-worn gadgets and devices mounted onto their belt buckles to call upon colour-coded power suits. These suits grant them special powers. When faced with exceptionally powerful alien invaders or demonic creatures trying to take over the earth, they can also summon mystical weapons and robots. The Power Ranger’s individual robots and weapons can slot together to create their ultimate weapon: a giant, armoured robot. Join Zordon’s team of human heroes and help the Power Rangers fight off various menaces created by the space witch Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, Master Vile, Divatox, and other supervillains.

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